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Tank Testing Information

What is Tank Testing?

Also known as a Tank Tightness Test, regularly having your tank tested is a simple yet very important procedure. Leaks, disturbances, and any other possible environmental impacts can be found before real damage is done, saving you time and money. GCE also performs Product Line Testing, Leak Detector Testing, and performs a Functionality Test to ensure your tank and all components are operating to their full potential.

When do I need to test my tank?

It is important to closely monitor tanks regularly for any problems that may require further investigation. Federal EPA guidelines require a full tank test at least every 5 years. GCE can schedule reminders and future testing to ensure compliance at all times.

How does the tank testing procedure work?

One of our trained technicians will arrive on site to greet you and do an initial evaluation of the tank and surrounding area. Once the fill pipe is located, some measurements will be taken and recorded. Any processes related to the tank will be shut off, the vent will be blocked, and testing can begin. Testing takes under 30 minutes and any abnormalities are known immediately. The EZY3 Locator Plus is capable of detecting air intrusion in the liquid, air intrusion in the ullage, water and/or product trickling into the tank and is specially designed to not inflict any damage on the tank during testing. Once testing is completed, the technician will turn everything back on and make certain everything is back up and running normally before they depart. GCE will provide written records of all testing and repairs performed to demonstrate compliance with all state and federal regulations.

What equipment does GCE use?

G. C. Environmental performs the Tank Tightness Test using the Horner EZY3 Locator Plus non-volumetric tank test, a highly effective and proven tank testing method. GCE has a team of experienced, factory trained technicians that perform the tests and deliver accurate results. Testing can be done in less than 30 minutes for minimal tank downtime, with full results delivered the same day in most cases. You’ll know within just minutes if there is a problem. The Horner EZY3 Locator Plus tank testing equipment tests with a 100% probability of detection and only a 1.6% probability of a false alarm, which makes it the most trusted tank testing equipment in the industry. The EZY3 meets or exceeds all EPA protocols for Tank Testing equipment.

Solutions for a failed tank test:

If a problem is found during tank testing, G. C. Environmental is here to help. We have professionally trained and certified personnel that have been repairing and upgrading tanks for over 25 years. However large or small the problem may be, GCE has the knowledge and expertise to do it all.

Who regulates tank testing?

All Federal Tank Testing regulations are created by the EPA while the New York Department of Environmental Conservation oversees any spills or problems. Local Departments of Health need to be notified before any tank test is permitted to be performed.

Call us today at 877-423-6847 to schedule your tank test and let G. C. Environmental take care of the rest!